16 October 2008

Beckham Boys Like Chelsea, Victoria Continues Promoting

beckham boys in chelsea
I doubt that this can be considered a serious allegiance but maybe they like to bring attention to themselves by wearing the night-glow yellow kits. (Circa their mother in January this year.)

victoria in vest
Victoria is still roaming around Germany in ultra-male clothing, promoting her line of jeans.

(Excuse me waitress. I'd like a mimosa, an egg white omelet and a side of tofu sausage. VICTORIA BECKHAM! Why are you waiting tables? Oh... sorry, my bad. But your outfit...?????)

pictures via dailymail


Anonymous said...

U know what they say, Kids never lie. This made my day

Sabriel said...

Victoria's outfits are getting gayer and gayer (her hair too actually!) - I love it!


I'm in shock over the kids wearing Chelsea jerseys. They could AT LEAST have gotten cute ones rather than the radioactive yellow from last season's away kit.