24 October 2008

Liverpool Fashion Week Fall '08: Cricket Show

alex and coleen front row
The WAGs were out in full force last night parading around Liverpool and requesting champagne refills from the front row of the fashion week premiere. Former besties, Alex Gerrard and Coleen Roooney, seem to be rekindling their friendship after Alex and Stevie chose not to go to the Rooney's £5 million wedding in the south of France. Champagne and fashion, I suppose, would leave any WAG in a mood of forgiveness.
claudine palmer LivFWalex gerrard LivFW
New arrival to the Liverpool camp, Claudine Palmer was also in attendance, sporting a gorgeous Herve Leger bandage dress. She definately impressed compared to the dowdy fashions of Mrs. Gerrard. (Those pants should be burned at the stake.)
coleen rooney LivFWlisa carrick LivFW
Coleen looks fabulous in her simple dress and seems to be playing it cool with the animal rights protestors that were picketting outside the show. With a bit of class, Coleen chose to bring along her mom, who sat beside her in the front row. While the rest of Col's entourage had to settle for the second row. Lisa Carrick arrived looking like a more mature version of the other WAGs, in a respectable blouse and skirt with a trendy leather belt and awesome ankle boots.
front row LivFW

pictures via dailymail

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