13 October 2008

Ranting Part Deux: Boo-Boys, F' Off Too


ashley cole pre-kazakstan

This whole booing your own players thing has got to cease and desist.

I don’t care if it’s the entire team who played like rubbish or one player who made one mistake in a whole line of good things he did. You just shouldn’t do it.

I know I can’t speak for an entire nation, or not even all the payers on the national team. (Steven Gerrard is an idiot for saying it was rightful of the England fans to boo Ash. I hope the whole team goes into his tackles extra hard in training this week. The boos should stream down on him next.) Everyone has the right to have their own opinion. But when I hear those boos ring out at Wembley, it makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs. In all honesty it angers me probably, mostly because most of the abuse has been directed towards two Chelsea players, Frank Lampard in the past, and on Saturday towards Ashley Cole. Ashley made ONE mistake among a whole slew of perfect passes. Overall his performance was far better than that of his counter part on the right side, Wes Brown, but I don't see anyone booing him. Why? Because it's the money that has the fans up in arms.

I go to John Nicholson of Football365 to help me explain:

“To me [booing players] feels wrong. Wrong like licking your sister's nipples. It's just a cultural assimilation I made at an early age, like talking to cats, eating my greens and ogling exposed cleavage. Its soul deep now and no amount of godawful players and performances can make me change. I ain't booing no one.…

In 2008 players and fans are trapped in an unhealthy, mutually abusive relationship. Both sides feeling abused and misunderstood. We used to all be on the same side. We celebrated and commiserated together. Not now. Now failed players slink off in cars that cost more than many people will earn in decade to live a life of luxury we cannot imagine.…

On thing is for sure, the booing isn't helping matters improve on or off the pitch. Despite their manifest international failure the players still get richer and more distant in their gated mansions, the transfer fees are still massive and the agents, administrators and assorted ar*eholes still cream it up day in day out no matter how many times or how hard you boo them.… Indeed, it may be making things worse.”

I concur with him when he suggests that laughing at England’s mistakes may force them to take their poor performances more seriously. Who wants to be embarrassed like that on national television? HAHAHA!

Lastly, Ashley is heading back to Cobham today to nurse a hamstring strain rather than going to Belarus with the rest of the England squad. You’ll just have to find another victim boo-boys. Hope you’re happy.

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It's simply absurd to boo a player. They've been booing Frank for years now. IDIOTS!