10 October 2008

Friday Randoms: Beer, Sweat, Tight Pants, and Shaved Heads

girls aloud book launch 2
Girls Aloud launched their autobiography, Dreams That Glitter, at Waterstone’s yesterday. They all look pretty fab I think.

EURO 2008 winners, Spain, received their weight in beer from a sponsor.

Wayne Rooney shaved his head while on England duty. My guess… Rio did it.

alex at h bar 2alex at h bar
Alex Gerrard attends re-launch of H Bar in Liverpool. Unfortunately she’s wearing pleather pants with zipper pockets and looks like she had to actually wait in the queue with the wee people (a.k.a. normal citizens). Both utter travesties.

Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about.

C-Ron needs to invest in some decent antiperspirant.
cristiano's sweatty pits

pictures via jamd, dailymail, WAGs International, and ONTD Football


No name brand said...

I think the chick standing in the middle of the Girls Aloud picture doesn't look as good as she usually does... She shouldn't have died her hair that colour because the orangey-red suited her and her hair isn't that awesome when its so... voluminous.

Rooney's hair: kinda cool.

Spanish beer thing: nice! Good going dudes!

Gerrard should SO be in the team above Lamps! You sure you're biased as a Chelsea supporter? Lol, Gerrard is just way more versatile.

And Ronaldo's pits are... well, the pits.

P.S. Your blog rocks! Care to check out mine?

Rab said...

I've just stumbled across your blog somehow, and I'm hooked. Love your work, lady!

mallymoodle said...

I didn't think it was possible but I have been proven wrong.

Rooney has made himself even uglier