21 October 2008

Pepe Reina in Court, Fined £250 for Speeding

pepe reina in court 4
Liverpool goalkeeper, Jose “Pepe” Reina was left red-faced after pleading guilty to speeding charges that were acquired on December 29th of last year. It was reported that he was driving over 90mph, which is upwards of 40mph over the speed limit on Menlove Avenue in south Liverpool.

In addition to the £250 fee, Reina will have 3 points added to his license and is due to the court £65 in prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £15.

Personal Note: It is nice to see him looking exceedingly attractive in a suit. The pink tie was definitely a good call.

pepe reina in court 2pepe reina in courtpepe reina in court 3

pictures via jamd

Link: Liverpool FC Goalkeeper Jose Reina Fined £250 After Speeding at 90mph

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Unknown said...

YES! He is adorable...and not gonna lie driving fast is kinda hot