14 October 2008

Beckham’s Help Nick Gear and Put it on eBay

david and victoria at lakers
Eric and June Emmet, 56 and 55, of Nazeing, Essex were arrested last Friday for stealing items from the home of the Beckham’s and posting them on the auctioning site, eBay. The couple’s 25-year-old son, Gareth was also questioned by police. The Emmets have been working for the Beckhams at their estate near Sawbridgeworth in Herts for more than 10 years.
beckingham palace
The items were discovered on the site by Tony and Jackie Adams, Victoria’s parents, who had recognized the designer gear and football gear as being from the Sawbridgeworth house. They immediately went to the estate to discover the items missing.

Victoria and David are very upset about the invasion of their privacy by the Emmets, who they had trusted with watching their home while they jetted between LA and the UK.

Job Opportunity Plug: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, I am currently looking for employment in the personal assistance field and would like to take this opportunity to plead for my hiring. As your employee I pledge to never nick your stuff and put it on eBay. Thank you, Blair - MRWF. (P.S. I've also put in a word to Coleen Rooney, but have yet to receive any response.)

Link: Servants 'Nick' Beckhams' Gear and Flog it on eBay

pictures via google images and The Sun

UPDATE: It's apparently the son who did it.

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