11 April 2008

Ferosh Items of the Week

Coleen Mcloughlin’s Blue and Yellow Louboutin’s
coleen's christian louboutin's

Utterly gorgeous. Notice, no toe cleavage.

The 2008 BMW X6

I’m sure this is on every footballers wanted list. No matter if they are looking into buying a new 4x4 or if they are looking to upgrade that dingy BMW X5 from last year, these will be seen with footballers at the helm. I give it maybe a month before they’re spotted about town.

Price Range: £41,965 - £44,145 (Mere pocket change, right?)

BMW X6 2BMW X6 4
BMW X6 6BMW X6 5

Link: BMW: Experience the X6

Link: Forbes: Hottest SUVs of 2008

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