17 April 2008

Footballers are Idiots

The Chelsea Edition

CASE #1: Ashley Cole: Idiot Casanova

ash sans ringcheryl cole at nobu 2

More from the UK saga soaked in idiotic footballer behavior. Ashley Cole, after openly admitting to the missus that he committed adultery is now suing the tabloids for defamation. Wait a minute… if he admitted to doing something idiotic, then how can he in turn sue someone for simply pointing out the obvious. Mr. Cole is asking for £200,000 from The Sun for publishing the story outing his unsavory extramarital behavior. I swear to god, if he gets any money out of this shenanigan we’re calling a litigation battle, I’m completely giving up on humanity.

Link: Ashley Cole Somehow Getting Even Easier to Dislike

CASE #2: Shevchenko’s Masculinity in Question

shevchenko golfingMen's Thong

Andriy Shevchenko has been spotted with a new accessory hanging outside his pants. And in this case, it’s not what you would normally expect from a footballer. (As in the case above.) Rather, while on the links, Mr. Shevchenko’s thong was peeking out of the top of his pants during a recent golf game. We all know his love for Giorgio Armani undies, but this has gone too far.

shevchenko golfing 2

Link: Chafe-chenko Wears a Thong

Case #3: Tal Ben Haim: Benchwarmer Etiquette Connoisseur

tal ben haim

After being frustrated with not having consistent first team appearances, Ben Haim voiced his opinion on signing with Chelsea over the summer and what he’s been having to deal with since Mourinho left.

"Jose Mourinho is the reason I came to Chelsea and if I knew Avram Grant was going to be the coach then I would have signed for another club.”

Well played, Tal. Enjoy warming the bench and playing for the reserves for the rest of the season before being sold off over the summer. How do you say, out on your ass, in Israeli?

Link: Mourinho Exit Frustrates Ben Haim
Link: Tal Fined £80,000

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