03 April 2008

Ferosh Item of the Day: David Beckham's Golden iPod

In celebrating the introduction of the new hot word, I am honoring it today with the perfect item to be described by such a spectacular adjective...

david beckham iPod

David Beckham received this snazzy item when enduring his 100th cap for England. I think there should have been a stipulation that England had to WIN the game for him to reap the benefits. But whatevs. (If you ask me, a 32G is a bit of a cop out on the FA's behalf. I guess they didn't want to splurg on an 80G for Goldenballs.)

[Mental Visualization Practice: After reading the headline of the Telegraph article, I had this strange visual of David Beckham prancing around the locker room in Paris, waving his golden iPod above his head, and singing in his bizarrely high-pitched voice “I’ve got a golden iPod!” to the toon of “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Can you see it, or is it just something that my peculiar mind has created for itself?]

Link: David Beckham Century Gift - A Golden iPod

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'I've got a Golden Ipod!'

Oh, lawd. I see it. Totally see it.