22 April 2008

Nereida Gallardo: Lacking Clothes and Lacking Class

Nereida Gallardo topless

I may have spoken prematurely when comparing Cristiano Ronaldo’s new fling to that of the more permanent member of WAG society, Elen Rives. And now that nude photos taken on a beach of the Majorcan model-wannabe have been released by The Sun, Miss. Gallardo is looking more like a porn star than a suitable footballer’s arm candy. Well done Cristiano, you've hooked yourself another class-act.

Link: Ronaldo Girl's Great Up Front


Anonymous said...

Is she fat? I'm thinking fat. Or bad angle, but I prefer fat.

OT: I think it's so nice when you girls link to your own blogs from Kickette. So far, the ones I've checked out are lovely. You are as lovely in your own blogs as you are there.

Unknown said...

Nasty is the only thing that comes to mind. Seriously!? She's not even cute!
I agree... I am going with fat.

Jackie said...

Even in naff glamour modelling, you can certainly tell when the photographer isn't a professional. Any photog worth his salt would put the model in a flattering position. She looks horrendous! I don't think she's fat, just curvy but you wouldn't know it from these crappy photos.

A down-market photographer for a down-market model. C'mon, Cris...you can do so much better!!

Anonymous said...

Lose that girl: well, he didn't have all that much to work with in the first place, now did he? I'm sticking with fat. =)

Anonymous said...

hahaha yah shes deffenitly fat .. look at the cellulite! :O yuck. shes gross!!