16 April 2008

Elen Rives v. Nereida Gallardo

elen smokingnereida gallardo

The girls over at Kickette and I have decided that there are some eerie similarities between these WAGs. Not only are they both Spanish, but they also share the over plucked eyebrow look, the not-so-classy smoking habit, and the need to hold onto their footballer boyfriends for dear life. The resemblances between the two are uncanny.

While both have snagged offensive midfielders in good form, these ladies have taken on the task of settling their wild footballers down. Elen moved Frank out to Surrey to keep him away from the party scene in London, and even though Cristiano already lives in the Manchester suburbs, his call girl habit has got to be toned down if he wants to commit to more than just solicitation charges.

Seeing that Elen was spotted with a lip bruise a couple weeks ago and then this weekend trotting around London in her trackies with her face covered up to her nose, I suspect there’s been some botox usage. May I possibly suggest that it’s in defiant reaction to the introduction of the younger, unimproved version of herself who is now roaming the streets of Manchester. Oh I think so.

frank and elen around christmas nereida gallardo and cristiano ronaldo


Anonymous said...

This story sacres me!! Two Elen's??! I can't take it, I'm locking the doors now!! Eeeek!! I really can't even decide which one I dislike more!

MrsXabi - xx

Anonymous said...

Yes but the difference is that Cris's gal has not had his kids yet and she'll be gone in a week or two. Elen has procreated and is thus permanently attached to the GOD OF THIGHS that is my Frankie!

Unknown said...

I still totally dislike Elen more, just for the sheer fact that she isn't even cute and dates Frank...seriously. And Ronaldos lady can have him...hes such a twat.

Anonymous said...

Twins seperated at birth I must say! Both are totally disgusting! Cristiano, when are you going to leave the plastic smoking toy that you have and come find me????

c9 xo

Anonymous said...

Ner's a bit more disgusting than Elen for whatever reason.