22 April 2008

Cheryl Cole Leaves Bra and Dignity at Home

cheryl cole braless

Cheryl Cole has stepped out this weekend without a bra and STILL without her wedding band. Soon to be going solo both socially and in her singing career, Mrs. Cole deemed it unnecessary to wear a bra when heading to the petrol station, forgetting that she’s a WAG and paparazzi magnet. It must have been a chilly day in London, that’s all I’ve got to say.

Pull it together Cheryl!

cheryl cole braless 2 Photobucket

Link: Cheryl Cole Steps Out Looking Painfully Thin


Jackie said...

She's lost too much weight along with her bra. The girls need some support, Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Cole is the most gorgeous girl alive. She needs no criticism :)

Anonymous said...

she is one sexy girl and maybe she just wanted to be free xx