10 April 2008

Divorce Files: Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Has Cheryl Cole finally stepped up to the plate and sent her man walking?

ashley cole sans ringcheryl cole necklace

Ashley Cole was seen at a petrol station sans wedding ring, whilst on a lonely drive in his overly priced motor vehicle. And Cheryl Cole can be seen sporting a necklace reading “Available” in will.i.am’s newly released music video for his hit single “Heartbreaker,” where Cheryl starred as a street dancer for the Passions of Girl’s Aloud TV show.

What is going on in the Cole household? Did he take it off because it was affecting his shifting while speeding on English country roads? Or are all the rumors false about Ashley and Cheryl rekindling their romance and getting remarried this summer while the England boys have a not-so-well-deserved summer off?

Either way. It will be news. And after the settlement that the former Mrs. Henry received after Thierry committed adultery, I’m sure Cheryl is looking to be getting a hefty sum of that £5million transfer fee that Ashley cashed in on between Arsenal and Chelsea.

Link: Has Cheryl Tweedy/Cole Finally Seen Sense?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love cheryl cole soooooo much,im no.1 fan and right now it seems as things are going smoothly for her!

She has the looks,slyle and attitude.
Her husband too , Ashley cole.

I don't think it was good cheeting on Cheryl Cole 3 times and deneyeing it though!

She is absoloutley amaseing!

love ya x
( im only 11)