23 April 2008

Coleen Mcloughlin’s Hen Party

CM on Holiday 4

And my lord she’s having a lovely one. She’s spending a week in Miami with five of her closest friends, where they will drink heavily and dress fantabulously (I just made the word up). Note the gold-chained bikini. FEROSH!

CM on Holiday 2 CM on Holiday 3CM on Holiday

But seriously, this girl has more holidays than a bank calendar.

Link:Day One
Link:Day Two


Anonymous said...

Right you see Coleen looking all fantastic, tanned, toned and generally fabulous in the last picture? Well you see the big pale tigh next to her? Thats me :o(

I need a holiday and to hit the gym!!! OK skip the gym, I just need a freaking holiday. These pictures do help me stick to my diet tho :o)

MrsXabi - x

Anonymous said...

that word should be thigh not tigh :S

MrsXabi- x