10 April 2008

Fashion Faux Pas: Toe Cleavage

toe cleavage

There is nothing I find more repulsive than feet. But then again, that may just be my personal opinion. WAGs, on the other hand, feel as if theirs need to be on display, more specifically, their toes whilst protruding from tightly worn heels. I realize that gravity does not always cooperate with us and that while walking our feet get scrunched into the base of our shoes. But there is a name for this when it happens and gravity has nothing to do with it: TOE CLEAVAGE. This isn’t like the more acceptable breast cleavage, where in more cases than not, it is encouraged. Toe cleavage is unacceptable in my opinion. And it makes the foot look fat and the shoes look dreadful. Yes, it can even render a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin’s unsightly.

This behavior has to be stopped.

But we shall listen to a master and take his opinion and jot it to down in our fashion bibles to be referenced when purchasing a shoe that shoes more cleavage than the bikini issue of Sports Illustrated.

“The secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe... You must only show the first two cracks.” ~ Manolo Blahnik

to cleavage 4toe cleavage 5toe cleavage 2toe cleavage 3

NOTE: All above pictorial evidence are from actual WAG appearences.


Anonymous said...

Toe cleavage is so sexy, it can turn a "5" into an "8" in my book. You women need to dump your ugly sandals and wear shoes that show off your toe cleavage. You have no idea what it can do to a guy. like make him weak in his knees. Check out this blog for some good toe cleavage stuff: toe-cleavage.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Toe cleavage is SWEET ! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nothing turns me on more than seeing a lovely woman wearing shoes that show toe cleavage. Ladies, I get rock-hard when I see you wearing toe-cleavage heels or flats - and the more toe cleavage revealed, the better. Nothing is more of a turn-on - adrenaline immediately goes pumping through my body and the blood flows just to the right place. Toe cleavage is the ultimate in sexiness. I hope this fashion trend will never go away. I wish more shoes were designed this way and I wish more women would wear such shoes. If they knew what it does to some of us out there, they'd wear them all the time. I can't get enough looking at toe cleavage.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comments--toe cleavage is sexy, not repulsive!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with the Author. What one person finds unappealing, another person finds appealing. A mere fact of life. A woman's toe cleavage is a turn on. I concur with the person who wrote that women need to dump their ugly sandals and wear shoes that sho off their toe cleavage.

Anonymous said...

Toe cleavage tearns me on.
Last night there was a woman in the street with toe cleavage and boy was she hot.I couldent resist,i just had to kiss her on the lips and it lasted for ever.(She was the best kisser)

Then we decided to take it to my room where we spent the rest of the night.

we are planning on marrige and hopefully children!

WOMEN. you must were to cleavage! it turnes over 30 people on that i know

Anonymous said...

SEXY man! Toe cleaverage rocks! women, wear it youl find your man in an instant flash!

Go on

Spock said...

Those Anons who said 'poster should be aware there are different opinions' - Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Poster is well aware that opinions vary. That does not mean they should not post theirs.

At any rate, I agree that toe cleavage is nasty. I've got a foot anti-fetish and seeing toes like that freaks me out. Also, isn't having a hard-on in public inconvenient? ;)