28 April 2008

Footballers Are Idiots

Manchester United Edition

CASE #1: Rio Ferdinand

rio ferdinand

With Fabio Capello tipping him to be captain before the match against Chelsea, Rio Ferdinand acted more like a rambunctious school child than the future captain of England. I can assume Capello, who was in attendance at Stamford Bridge, was also not impressed with Ferdinand’s obnoxious behavior. During the game, Ferdinand got in a scrap with John Mikel Obi and had to be separated from the player by John Terry, who acted far more like a successful captain than his central defender counterpart. In reaction to losing the match and drawing even on points with Chelsea, Rio attempted to kick a brick wall, but ended up “brushing” his foot against a female steward instead. I think this can best be described in the words of Rob Parker at Who Ate All The Pies: “You know when you're kicking a wall and you accidentally kick a female steward? No, me neither.”

So not only is he hot-headed, but he literally can’t hit the broad side of a barn either. Sounds like Rio’s England captain campaign is going as well as Theo Walcott’s.

Note: Rio apologized to the stewardess before getting on the team coach and asked for her name and address so he could send her flowers. (Sorry mate, flowers aren’t going to get rid of the hematoma on that poor girl’s shin, ya t**t.)

Link: Behind the Fracas

CASE #2: Manchester United Players Accused of Bullying Fourth Official

owen hargreaves

Owen Hargreaves is one of eight players to be under FA disciplinary charges after some verbal abuse broke out in the tunnel after the Chelsea game; all of it being directed towards the fourth official, Mike Riley. I think United has been a bad influence on Hargreaves. He’s usually such a quiet fellow. Maybe rather than reaming out the official you should direct your attention towards Michael Carrick who just cost you the game. Um…hello!?

Link: Fighting Talks

CASE#3: Fergie Claims Penalty was Unwarranted


Michael Carrick had a blatant handball, quitcher bitchin’.

Link: Ferguson Diatribes

CASE #4: Patrice Evra

patrice evra

Who picks a fight with groundsmen? I mean, come on now. Evra was on the Stamford Bridge pitch thirty minutes after the final whistle doing a cool down with Paul Scholes, Carlos Tevez, John O'Shea, Gerard Pique, Park Ji-Sung and Gary Neville, when groundsmen asked them to leave so they could do their post-match repairs. When the players refused to leave, the altercation broke out between Evra and Chelsea groundsmen Sam Bethell. Claims have been made by Tevez and Evra that the latter was racially assaulted and that his actions were in reaction to the comments that were made. CCTV footage will be looked at by both clubs and the FA to determine what happened exactly and if there should be a punishment for any players or employees involved.

Link: Racism Storm Hits the Bridge

EXTRA LINK: THANKS Fergie & Co for Reminding Us Why We All Hate United With Such Passion

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