15 February 2008

What Happens When Manager Look-Alikes Get Back to the Players

Apparently there are some pretty humorous nicknames floating around the Chelsea training ground as of late. According to sources at Cobham, youth players read a manager look-alike comparison in the Holloway Column, a BBC Sport supported editorial for Ian Holloway the Leicester City manager. Someone had wrote in pointing out:

Lut0nt0wn: "You want more manager lookalikes? How about this....Baron Greenback from Dangermouse, and Avram Grant.”

When word got to the senior lads of the physical resemblance between the gaffer and the Danger Mouse character, they couldn’t resist the compulsion to create a catchy moniker. “The Baron,” as the Chelsea lads have now titled Grant has now been leaping around training while carrying around a cane and wearing a yellow suit (Chelsea’s yellow tracksuits, but of course.)

Here is the evidence:
avram grant baron greenback
avram grant 2 baron greenback 2

You Decide...

Link: Baron Spell For Chelsea Boss

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Uncanny. I'd like him to show at a match in the yellow suit!