09 December 2008

Cheryl Cole Throws Tantrum at Vogue Cover Shoot

While Cheryl was shooting for the cover of February’s issue of Vogue, she was feeling a little neglected. Vogue stylist, Bay Garnett, apparently had her baby on set and was paying far more attention to it than that of Mrs. Cole. Cheryl was hoping for a more professional experience, and ended up seeing more of Garnett’s assistants than the actual stylist.

I can see both sides here. I mean, Cheryl is being a little selfish about the baby getting more attention than her. But bringing a baby to a Vogue cover shoot, probably isn't the best idea either.

Other sources are saying that there wasn’t any drama at all and that Cheryl loved the shoot. So whoever’s story you believe is up to you. But I enjoy the nasty gossip version.

picture via dailymail

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Jackie said...

A baby has no place on a Vogue shoot. I'm with Cheryl on this one. She's supposed to be getting all the business -- if the baby was on set for a wee visit, then fine. Visit, then tote the tot elsewhere and get back to work.