18 December 2008

Bah-Humbug! Credit Crunch = Scroogelike Behavior

Some people love the holiday season. Like these nutters, for instance.

This is courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Holley (no, I’m not kidding you) of Yeovil. Not exactly my cup of tea.

There are only so many holidays that I can tolerate without either killing my family, or going into a diabetic coma. Seeing that my family is doing a credit-crunch Christmas I won’t be getting that £630 bag I’ve been lusting after, nor the New touch screen Nikon S60 digital camera I want, or anything football related either. Probably ugly socks and knickers for one and all. Needless to say, this Christmas is looking a little glum to this scrooge.

I mean really, just a simple phone call from Frank Lampard would turn my mood right around. Ay, mate?

pictures via dailymail and jamd

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