10 December 2008

Chelsea Lads Celebrate Champions League Success

The Chelsea posse was seen at Mayfair's Funky Buddha club last night celebrating their induction to the second round of the Champion's League competition. According to fellow clubbers, captain John Terry was the most enthused of the footballer party-goers. He was seen "gyrating his hips against" numerous blondes. One of them even told him to "piss off."

What is wrong with these girls? When the piss drunk England captain, or really any rich footballer, wants to dry hump you on the dance floor, you adamantly comply and bitch to your mates later about how he's such a cheating skeeze. Duh!

They all look quite dapper, if you ask me. Alas, Frank Lampard was not present. (WTF!?)

pictures via kickette and dailymail

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The team does look unbelievably HOT! So in love with each and every one of them right now! And Frank was, well he was with me. There. Said it.