29 December 2008

Fulham v Chelsea Reaction a la MRWF

1.) Frank Lampard is a demigod. And I don’t mean his overwhelming good looks, debonair smile, thick thighs, and stealthy calves. Stand-in captain duties would presume he be a leader on the pitch, but to score two goals (to tie it up and then to take the lead), is a true example of the leadership he brings to the team (and his determinedness to win).

2.) Chelsea are absolutely rubbish at defending set pieces. Both of the goals (which were the only shots on target in the entire match) were made on set pieces. The first from a free kick and the second from a corner.

3.) We need John Terry to return to organize the backline during said set pieces. (He looks bored to tears in the stands, no? He needs a hug. I shall have to volunteer my services.)

4.) Injuries to Malouda and Alex in the first half were not the best way to begin a match. Seeing that they both sustained muscle injuries, perhaps a more intense warm-up should be enforced.

5.) Riccy Carvalho’s return could not come at a better time. Oh how I’ve missed you and your ugly mug world-class defensive mastery.

6.) Chelsea’s run of form seems to be giving me emotional whiplash. Elation, sadness, pleasure, anger, contentedness, despair, afternoons on the couch debating whether to engorge myself on a pint of ice cream or to drown my feelings in a bottle scotch. Stop toying with my emotions or we’ll have to break up. (You’re bad for my waistline and liver.)

Those of you who have been reading this blog long enough realize that #6 is an empty threat. There’s no way I could cheer on anyone but my Blues, no matter how angry I get with them.

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Frank is perfection. The rest of the team was just pure S**T. I'm very upset with the whole thing. Then again, I'm kind of glad they are on this roller coaster as perhaps it will make people hate Chelsea less. Then again, probably not. Why everyone hates the most lovely and wonderful team in all of football is beyond me. Guess it means more love from the team for us!