16 December 2008

Christmas With the Rooneys

Coleen Rooney has been bragging in OK Magazine again. She had the audacity to reveal what Wayne is getting her for Christmas. Alas it doesn’t come in a little teal blue box, nor does it actual fit under the tree either. But Coleen isn’t complaining (as if any human being would).

“He’s getting me a car - the new Bentley. It’s such a lovely present. It’s the updated version of the one I have now, but in a different colour.”

“I’m so excited. I love the smell of new cars.” Well aren’t you a lucky git.

Think he’ll get her the red one to match his club’s colours?

I much prefer the blue. I'm not biased or anything...

Wayne is going to be utterly disappointed with Coleen’s purchasing prowess. She revealed that she’s getting her hubs “pajamas and smellies” for Christmas, admitting. “I get carried away.” That’s getting carried away? Where is this girl shopping?



Seriously? This woman needs to learn to shop correctly for her man. I mean, I would be buying Frank a Bentley. Seriously. Seriously. Yes seriously.

Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

Man, you stole my first line!
I was totally going to start out with, "Seriously!?!" as well, so I guess I'll start off with....

REALLY? Really! That is what you plan on buying the man who has, essentially, made you what you are today?! Whatever that is. Really? Pajamams and smellies! Hmm, you sold your photos to Ok! and Hello and that's all you can afford? Don't we see her shopping, like, on a daily basis? That is ridiculous. The least she can give him is a 'lil Rooney! I know that I would totally get my Kevin Davies...shit, I don't know actually. OOh, I know! I trip, after the season is over, I'd give him the vacation of his dreams. Or at least I would try to. But come on...PAJAMAS!!!???

What a twat!

Jackie said...

Pjs....I don't buy *anyone* at Christmas pjs! The absence of chocolate in the gift was the most alarming to me.