29 December 2008

Louise Owen: WAGary with Horses

This horse-infatuated WAG cares more about riding and being a patron of the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in Halton, Lancashire than handbags and publicity. In her first real interview, Louise speaks of her family and her experience with horses. Wife of Michael Owen, and mother of three, Gemma Rose (5) , James (2) and Emily (14 months), this is one busy mum who chooses family over all else.

In the past I have made statements in regards to WAG not acting like the rich, privileged individuals that they are, in this case, I have to retract my usual criticism. Only because I adore Louise, her hubs, and all her adorable little bubbas too.

pictures via dailymail

Link: The WAG Who Prefers Horses to Handbags: Michael Owen’s Wife Louise Reveals Her Greatest Passion... Rescuing Racehorses

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