10 December 2008

WAG Alert: Alex in Fur

There seems to be a lull in football news today (besides AC Milan's interest in Daniel Agger and the numerous other transfer rumours bombarding the internet waves.) Thankfully I am chock-full of WAG gossip, snarky retorts, fashion finds (and ones that I wished had stayed in the closet instead), along with lots of piss-drunk partying footballers. Oh and don't forget about the much anticipated Hump Day Celebration. It's going to be a good one.

Now that I have you all seething in anticipation, here is Alex on her way to the hairdresser in Liverpool.

Yes that is, in fact, a fur coat she's wearing. You'd think that on her and Steven's salaries, she'd be able to afford one that is neither cropped at the waist OR the sleeves. But I must applaud her for at least sticking to the simpler, and more classic grey combination. (Grey or gray? Any preferences?) Also, that is one feroshly blingin' watch.

picture via WAGs International

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