12 December 2008

Jamie Redknapp Coaching at Chelsea

I guess you can’t really consider it coaching because it’s only two days a week with the reserve team, but he is doing so to make an effort to earn his coaching badges. It seems he wants to move in the similar footsteps of his father, Harry. After Steve Clarke left for West Ham earlier this year and the more recent departure of reserve coach Brendan Rodgers, Chelsea were more than happy to bring on Jamie as a part-time addition to the background staff.

I am quite happy about it too. As if Chelsea wasn’t hot enough, they bring in a blood relative of Frank Lampard. (Jamie and Frank are cousins. Patricia Lampard was the twin sister of Jamie’s mum, Sandra.) I would love to be a fly on the wall at Cobham to hear the banter between Jamie and the other lads. He’s quite close to John Terry and the other English players and I bet they have a good laugh every now and then when they bump into each other in the halls. Maybe they even do mate-dates at the canteen for lunch. Too cute!

Jamie also looks wicked good in a suit. Duh.

Link: Jamie Redknapp to Coach Chelsea Reserves

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Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

Awe date-mates. I have a term I use as well for those types of fellas who have a special hetero "something" with a good pal. It's called Bro'Mo. When you're not gay but you "love" your friend!

Bro'mos don't have relationships, they have Bro-mances.

A couple of other football Bro'Mos are Kevin Davies and Kevin Nolan, Frank Lampard and John Terry, Michael Owen and David Beckham. Just a few of my favorite Bro-mances out there! lol