07 July 2008

Mate Date: Frank Lampard and Kevin Pietersen

frank and pietersen

Whether it was just friendly banter or giddy cooing, Frank Lampard and England criketer Kevin Pietersen were chatting it up at a cafe on Kings Road in West London on June 24th. Pietersen also joined the Chelsea lads on their night out to the Funky Buddha after beating Fenerbahce at Stamford Bridge in their run to the UEFA Champions League Final. Perhaps Lampsy has a bit of a man crush on his cricketing idol.

frank and pietersen 2frank at cafe

Link: Lamps Gets Pietersen Out


Misty Stiletto said...

What a strange pairing.

Love KP, even if he is an arrogant a-hole.

Misty Stiletto said...

Also WTF is with the dodgy shades they're both wearing??