08 July 2008

Jewelry Nerd Stalks Lampard and Rives in Sicily

So the story is that this nutter met Lampard in Sicily because she loved Elen's bracelets then they went out to dinner and hung out afterwards. What makes this news is that apparently Elen introduced herself as his wife. If they've gone and got secretly married I'm going to cry.

But he's just so adorbale I can't help but watch the video over and over again. The story of him breaking the hotel treadmill because he was going to fast is just plain hysterical.

Note: Must make plans to "bump" into Frank and Elen. Maybe they will buy me dinner and then we can hang out afterwards. Unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post..! I appreciates her bracelet love.

Misty Stiletto said...

Yes, Blair, but I don't think they'd buy you dinner if you launched yourself at him and bitch slapped her. Which I'm assuming would be your first reactions!! :D