15 July 2008

Real Intrigued By Chelsea’s New Bid for Robinho

robinho bid

Real Madrid have some serious pondering to do in regards to the new £48 million bid from Chelsea for Robinho. The dilemma lies in the transfer of the 24-year-old striker before the confirmation of receiving Cristiano Ronaldo from the Manchester United “slave trade.” Which only further irritates Robinho; he doesn’t want to be a bargaining chip for Ronaldo’s transfer, understandably. I would find that pretty offensive. He is also fairly popular with the fans at Real, and the club might take a PR hit for sending him to London. Another issue is that Robinho would like to play in the Olympics for Brazil, but if he goes to Chelsea, that would be impossible. So many dilemma’s, so little time.

Link: Chelsea Tempt Robinho With £48m Offer

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