08 July 2008

Joe Cole in Car Accident Before First Day of Training

joe cole accident

While sitting in traffic on the A3 near Wandsworth in South West London, Joe Cole was rear-ended in his 4x4 by a 40-ton lorry. His £50,000 Range Rover Vogue was badly damaged on the boot and left side. Cole was unable to continue driving the vehicle to Cobham, where he was heading for his first day of training with Chelsea for the season. Instead he used his mobile to call a driver to come pick him up. While checking up on another driver who was involved in the accident, he complained of a sore arm. Hope this doesn’t have any serious implications.

scolari and joe cole

Note: Reports are saying that had he been in a smaller sports car the injuries he would have sustained would have been much more serious. Well thank goodness he has enough money to not be concerned about driving a gas-guzzler.

Link: Joe Escapes While Truck Hits 4x4

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Misty Stiletto said...

I'm more upset to see a Range Rover smashed in than if it'd been his face. I so want one of those cars!!