15 July 2008

Pièce de Résistance: Nereida Gallardo, Adios Puta!

cristiano and nereida breakup

Much has been said and reported on the very public relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Nereida Gallardo. Finally, the two have split. A very jealous C-Ron was hit hard by the news of Nereida’s romance with Sergio Ramos back in November and has told her to bugger off…forever. Even now that the couple have split, Gallardo is convinced that the two are still together. Perhaps there has been some confusion in translation. After being questioned in regards to the breakup outside her home in Majorca, Gallardo, still dawning the diamond ring Ronaldo gave to her, reacted with:

“I don't know where this story has come from. I have spoken to him today, as always. We are together. He told me he loves me and I him.”

nereida in ringgallardo breakup
But a close friend has come out and stated:

“She is devastated. She talked of herself as the new VICTORIA BECKHAM.”

Firstly, denial is not just a river in Egypt. And secondly, comparing Victoria Beckham to Gallardo is like comparing Tiffany’s china to a toad. There really is no association to be made.

I’m not the biggest C-Ron fan. My hatred for this loathsome, unsuccessful, utterly not classy human being is based on my hopes for humanity itself, not a willingness to drool over Senor Self Importance. With this, I bid you ado, Whoreida. Don’t let his over-priced door hit you on the way out.

Link: It's Not Over Says Ronaldo's WAG Nereida


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And Weblog Administrator Fair- Play ?

Misty Stiletto said...

I'm betting she'll be hanging off Jermaine Defoe's arm by the end of the season.

Then she'll have had the three biggest man whore's around.

Anonymous said...

She is much MUCH Hotter than VICTORIA BECKHAM