08 July 2008

Transfer Talk: Van der Vaart Not Interested in Spurs

rafael van der vaart SPURS

After a solid performance in EURO 2008, Rafael van der Vaart attracted the interest of many Premier League clubs, but when he spoke about Tottenham he had some harsh words to purvey:

“Tottenham are not a club I want to swap Hamburg for.”

Ouch! It’s nice to see a man who tells it how it is.

I personally believe that VDV should head to a different London club. But as everyone knows, I am undoubtedly biased. The watch above would already make him a friend with Frank "The Watch Man" Lampard.

Link: "I won't swap Hamburg for Spurs"
Link: Rafael van der Vaart Rejects Spurs

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Misty Stiletto said...

Meooow! Can't say I blame him though. And you're right, it's nice to hear some honesty and straight talking!!