07 July 2008

Euro 2008: Catfish In Football Related Fatality

catfishblue soccer ball

A catfish in a Bavarian canal was discovered dead after choking on a football. The 6-½-foot creature was found floating on the surface with a blue and white football in his mouth. For some unknown reason the police got involved and their spokesman had this to say:

"He tried to eat the ball and it got stuck."

Naw, really Captain Obvious?

And apparently a reporter was stupid enough to ask whether the fish committed a football related suicide due to Germany’s loss to Spain in the Euro 2008 Final. To this the spokesman responded:

“Whether the fish was caught up in soccer ball fever in the aftermath of the European championship and hence snapped at the ball can unfortunately not be determined.”

That’s surprising. Was it undetermined because the fish was dead or based on the fact that fish CAN’T talk? I don’t know whether to be more shocked at the stupidity of the media or the capability of the police in answering such a question with even more absurdity. My faith in humanity is being questioned.

Link: Catfish Chokes on Soccer Ball in German Canal

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