15 July 2008

John Rooney Must Have a Complex

John Rooney

Being the youngest of the Rooney clan, there is inevitability that the poor lad has some serious issues. The media reported today that John has signed his first professional contract with League Two side, Macclesfield. In any normal boy’s life, this would be a reason for massive celebration and family pride, alas this lad is a Rooney. The media has gone and made stories about how he is making merely £7,800 a year compared to his eldest brother’s first deal which was for £5.7 million a year. What a disgrace to the Rooney name, right?! The media can be so cruel.

Link: Rooney Tunes: Wayne's Baby Brother Signs Two-year deal with Macclesfield - on Ten Thousand Times Less Money a Week! (Bastards!)

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