07 July 2008

Nereida Gallardo: Living Up to Her Moniker

cristiano and nereida in sardiniaPhotobucket

After being called “Whoreida” on more than one occasion on more than one blog site that I’ve seen, Gallardo is definitely living up to her newly attained epithet.

News of the World has reported that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the first famous footballer that the class act has hooked up with. Back in November when she was whoring hanging out on the streets of Madrid, she popped into the Joy Eslava nightclub with some mates and met up with Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos, who was there with some friends as well. The two immediately hit it off, and after both groups of friends ended up back at Ramos’ pad, they were all over each other. Eventually Gallardo and Ramos headed up to his bedroom.

A pal said, "Nereida didn't go into details afterwards, but she made it clear to all her friends that they didn't talk about football or count sheep."

The two have remained friends with benefits and have continued chatting online now that she’s with C-Ron. Gallardo has kept her high profile hook up a secret because Mr. Ronaldo is a jealous type and she wouldn’t want to be on his shit list. (Or rather off his credit card list.)

I’d love to see him transfer to Real Madrid and see the locker room fist fight banter between those two.

P.S. With the assistance of This is Extra Time, we’ve concluded that Ramos was still with Elisabeth Reyes when the alleged nastiness took place.

Link: Ram Bammed Ron's WAG


Anonymous said...

so maybe this is a stupid question, but do ronaldo and the slut both speak english, or both speak spanish? although there is probably not that much talking going on....

Misty Stiletto said...

Ew, can you imagine the diseases being passed between these three!! *shudders*