22 July 2008

Do Not Fear, Blair IS Here... Somewhere

Dear Readers:

Sorry for my extended absence. The nutter I call my boss actually believes that you're supposed to do work at work. Amateur. He's given me project after project this week. I think he's on to me.


I also just bought a new MacBook laptop! ISN'T IT CUTE! Finally a computer of my own again. After my hard drive died I feared the worst. But all my pictures and music were backed up (THANK THE FOOTBALLING GODS!... because they're the only ones I worship).Once I get that up and running a bit, hopefully I can do some more productive activities.

Lastly, I am going on holiday next week and will be without internet unless I peddle my very untoned bum to the steamy, un-air conditioned cafe. Unlikely to happen often. Again, I apologize.

Yours Truly,

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Jackie said...

Congrats Blair on the new laptop! I have a MacBook Pro too - I got it in February and my life changed! It's so much fun.

I hear your boss annoyance - mine was the same, I never had time to do important things like blogging and soccer site surfing so I quit a few weeks ago. Plus he was an Arsenal fan - never a good thing when you're a United gal! Have a great holiday!