17 December 2008

Gerrard Hints at Keane Exit

Mark Lawrenson, from Match of the Day, has come out and said:

“I had a drink with Steven Gerrard on Saturday night. [He and Robbie] share the same agent and he thinks something is going to happen with Robbie in January. He thinks he’s going to be moved on.”

Of course, Liverpool had this to say:

“Mark Lawrenson’s remarks do not accurately reflect Steven’s opinion of Robbie Keane and do not tally with Steven’s recollection of the conversation.”

Not surprising. Keane hasn't been playing as much as he'd like, but of course, he hasn't been playing as well as he did last season, either. Aston Villa has expressed interest.

pictures via jamd

Link: Mark Lawrenson Tips Robbie Keane Move on ‘Say-So’ of Steven Gerrard

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