15 December 2008

Weekend Observations: Draws, Own Goals, and Sweaty Kits

If you would have bet that every Premier League game would have ended in a draw this weekend you would have predicted correctly for half of the matches. With the big four all taking a draw, the top of the table concluded with absolutely no movement. Blah, blah, blah.

I think it’s been made official that Jamie Carragher has now scored more own goals than ACTUAL goals for Liverpool. Although it did occur far before this weekend’s latest gaffe. According to my sources, the Scouser has scored 4 goals for his club, but put in seven for opposing sides. That’s a pretty dismal record to have in one’s file.

(But seriously, those thighs!)

During the match between Chelsea and West Ham (with which all I’m going to say is that “that was TOTALLY a handball”, “that was totally a penalty kick”, and “Anelka is the man!”), I took notice of the disgustingly noticeable sweat marks on the Hammer’s home kits. It was at their necks, on their backs, under their arms, and sometimes even on their bellies/abdominals. The maroon, when drenched, turns into a lovely shade of deep purple. You’d think they would choose a more discreet color.

pictures via jamd

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