26 December 2008

500 Not Out

This is my 500th post. Pretty ridiculous seeing that it took me over a year to get the first 250 and then 2 months to get the second 250. But I guess it's all time well spent if my readers are happy.

Which brings me to the subject of this particular post: the happiness of my readers. (All four of you.) Commenting is not something I've been blessed with, apparently, as a blogger. I even integrated the rating system in an attempt to get some feedback, but again, it hasn't been as productive as I would have liked.

So here is your opportunity to get back to me. How am I doing? What was your favorite post out of the 500 I've written? What are my weaknesses? My strengths? Any subject you wish I would focus on more? Focus on less? Let it all out.

Improvement is my goal. And I'm hoping that with improvement I can get even more returning readers. THANKS EVERYONE!




YEAH! Congrats on 500! What do I like most? Um, Frank pics and your sense of humor darling! xoxo

Myra said...

Your blog's just perfect, love! (I run a fashion one, nonetheless-- an avid Chelsea supporter.) I know LoveLamps from Chelsea's Kickette thread!! Love to you all funny beings xx

Anonymous said...

Your blog is addictive. I´m a dedicated reader from Iceland. Support a top red and white team a little north of London:)


Misty Stiletto said...

Woo hoo for you Blair!!

I looove your blog, think you're hilarious and you always find interesting random stuff. Sometimes I don't have time to comment, but I read every chance I get.

I would personally like more Xabi or Jonny Wilkinson - but that's just for my own enjoyment.

Just keep doing what you are :o)