06 August 2008

Maurice Edu Makes Americans Look Bad

maurice edu in china 2

What a whiney little man. In a video posted on his official website, all he does is complain about how hot it is in China, where the U.S. national team is playing in the Olympics. Let me first state that his kid was exposed to the extreme heat of southern California (where he grew up) and Maryland (where he attended college), he obviously experienced too much air-conditioning and not enough preparations for the Chinese heat index. My advice...shut your pie-hole and cope, son.

Here are my favorite (and highly over used) key phrases from the video:

“It’s hot.”

“Can’t breathe, can’t think. Sweatin’ and sweat. That’s all I know right now, is sweat.”

maurice edu in china

“I’m sweating just from breathin’.”

“Dieing of sweat. Can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t see. I’m losing my breath just trying to talk.”

Well if these statements foreshadow the performance of the national team to any capacity, we’re royally f**ked.

The only good thing about the video is Brian McBride’s appearance. He’s still hot (and I mean that in the attractive sense, not the temperature sense, although he does agree with me by saying he's HOT!). I’m going to greatly miss him in the Premier League. Shall stare blankly for a few moments and attempt to return to reality at a later date.
brian mcbride in chinabrian mcbride in china 2

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