22 August 2008

Friday Movie Talk: Goal II


FINALLY! The whispers can cease. GOAL 2: Living the Dream is finally coming to the United States. After waiting ever so patiently, or rather not so patiently, the date has been set for August 29th. (Although after numerous postponements I’m not real trusting.) It will be limited viewing, so you might have to venture to a big city to see it. Make a day of it. Perhaps enjoy a little shopping, if not only through window panes.

Reasons to see this Movie:

1. It’s a about football. Duh.
2. David Beckham, Raul, The Ramos, Robinho, Thierry Henry and Zizou all have cameos
3. Iker Casillas in a hot tub (around 5.35 in)

Need I say more?

Link: Kickette: Dates for the Diary - August 29th
Link: Internet Movie Database: GOAL II

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