07 January 2009

Man City Fans Wind Up United Stars

This was on The Mirror and it was too classic not to talk about. Apparently Man City fans have been having a bit of fun with the stars of their rival club:

"Ryan Giggs was approached in a hotel with the words "any chance of a picture, Giggsy?" When the winger agreed he was handed a camera and asked to take a photo of the Blues supporter.

And John O'Shea - who has laughed off untrue rumours about his sexuality - was told he had a piece of gum on his trainers. When the defender lifted a foot up to look back, his tormentor shouted "ooh, hello sailor", leaving O'Shea's pal in hysterics."

You can't deny the hilarity of imagining John O'Shea doing such a thing. At least the Man City fans are having a bit of a laugh rather than beating the living piss out of each other, right?


Misty Stiletto said...

I think it's hilarious.

Jackie said...

It is funny. The nerve to do such a thing.

But I also question their smarts -- Ryan Giggs? A living footie legend. Regardless of team bias, a fact is a fact. Meeting Giggsy and not getting an autograph and pulling such a stunt? Someone is missing a few brain cells. Running into such a huge footie star doesn't happen every day.

John O'Shea - -love him to bits and I could see him getting a laugh out of such pranks.