19 January 2009

Chelsea v Stoke City: Are They Back?

So when Delap scored, I was gutted. We haven't been the best at bringing ourselves back up once we're down. Then Belletti put a header in on 87' and Super Frank blasted one in on 90'. Ok, so Ballack may have deflected Lampsy's goal, but seriously it was amazing and I was thrilled. But is this a sign of a turn around, or just one more up with a down on the horizon in this season thus for for Chelsea. One can only hope that this is a turning point. (Yes, I am that one.)

Plus I love the teams embrace with Scolari after the winning goal. It was definitely a sign of the respect that the team has for the gaffer. Unlike that of what is being reported in the media. So pppllllhhh.

pictures via Canal+ and The Sun

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