10 January 2009

Beckhams Have Too Much F'in Money

David gave Victoria for Christmas a £80,000 silver Himalayan Hermes Birkin bag encrusted with hundreds of diamonds, and features a three-carat diamond on the lock.

Well let me see. A house in Essex or a handbag? Fucking ridiculous.

pictures via dailymail


Misty Stiletto said...

I think I just died of jealousy. Amazing bag.


Jealous does not even begin to describe it. The queen takes it up a notch. Poor Alex will never, ever be able to compete with that.

Lissette said...

this kinds of news make me sick , like really sick. I just want health an a job till I graduate from college& happyness. Cus my team ain't helping right now. I'm looking at U Chelsea. Blair drink all u can girl, I nedd some chocolate right now.