08 January 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Totals His Ferrari

Driving on the A538 Wilmslow Road in Cheshire around 10.30 this morning on his way to training, C-Ron crashed his Ferrari 599 GTB into the wall of the tunnel that goes under the Manchester Airport runways. The £200,000 car had its parts flung all over the road, including the front left tire, which had become detached at some point during the accident. Cristiano escaped uninjured and reported to training once he passed a breathalyzer and spoke with the police.

It has been reported that Manchester United teammate, Edwin van der Saar was driving his Bentley behind C-Ron when the crash occurred, but he was not involved. My assumption is that the two were racing their over-priced cars and C-Ron lost control. But that’s just me creating a story that’s more interesting to read about.

No worries, Mr. Ronaldo’s £120,000-a-week salary will allow him to get a new one in just a couple of weeks. Cristiano left Carrington trainign ground in his blue Bentley, giving the press a thumbs up that he's fine and dandy. (Probably more dandy.)

pictures via dailymail

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Unknown said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! What a dummy. Who crashes a Ferrari...he disgusts me.