27 January 2009

Cristiano Masters the Art of Humility

Not as well as how I’ve mastered the art of sarcasm though.

When asked to rate himself on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, C-Ron had this to say:

"I can't say 10, so nine.”

So humble, so full of humility. (Rolls eyes.)

"I think I can improve all the time. 10 is the maximum and I haven't reached the maximum yet, so I'd give myself nine. I hope 10 out of 10 is to come. I believe it will. My challenge is always to be better and better… I'll try to be as good as I was last season but it's hard.”

Cue crying about being ajudged as a diver and having to deal with the everyday pressures of being himself. Blah blah blah. Get over yourself already. Ugh!

Link: Cristiano Ronaldo Interview: Players Like Kaka and Me ARE Worth £100m

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Misty Stiletto said...

He gave himself 8/10 for this season too. Sorry, I know he is the World Player, all seeing all knowing God etc, but he hasn't be that special so far this season.