16 January 2009

Baller on Baller: Hargreaves at Suns Game

Owen Hargreaves was spotted at the Denver Nuggets/Phoenix Suns game in Colorado (where he is getting his second knee surgery at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail) last night. Apparently he was sitting with former Suns point guard, Rex Chapman (don’t bother looking him up… not cute). Hargreaves is yet another footballer who adores the game of basketball, and more specifically thee Phoenix Suns. (Didier Drogba is a Boston Celtics fan, while John Terry and David Beckham prefer the Los Angeles Lakers.) But the Man United star has taken his obsession a step farther by writing a blog about the Suns. Alas, the media were unaware that they had an internationally renowned athlete in their midst. There are no pictures, and the only way we know that he was in fact there, was that the cameras were more intrigued by the Suns alum sitting next to him. Tisk tisk paps, get on it!

Owen is close friends with Steve Nash (pictured above), a player for the Suns, but also a devout Tottenham Hotspurs fan. Interesting.

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Jackie said...

Big doubts whether it was Owen at the game. He had his 2nd knee op that same day - doubt he'd be hobbling around at an NBA game. Some think it was his brother at the game as Owen's due to spend at least 10 days following the op at the Denver clinic before he can fly back to Manchester.