13 January 2009

Carra Dishes Out the Liverpool Dirt

Jamie Carragher recently spoke to LiverpoolTV about his fellow teammates at the club. It’s good fun. Here are my favorite responses:

Pick your five-a-side team of the year from the squad…

Reina, Gerrard, Torres...can you pick yourself?


Okay, me. So how many is that? One more? Need a midfielder, don't I? Alonso.

We've had our fair share of 'Triggers' at Liverpool over the years - is there anyone who fills that role at the moment?

Oh yeah, Dirk. He's unbelievable. Every day in training the referee will give the rules out and he'll just continually break them throughout the session. They talk about these Dutch players knowing football, but Babel is pretty much the same as well. Dutch players are supposed to know different positions and total football, but that's a load of nonsense!

Who's the most Scouse foreigner?

Reina and Alonso are really good lads and they mix well with the Scousers. They really embrace being a part of Liverpool. They seem to know a lot about the history of the club and the people and they seem to have settled well. They've been here a little longer than a lot of the others but they are two who have really mixed in well and I think they get to know everything that's going on in Liverpool.

And who's your ideal roommate?

The one I've got at the moment, actually: Stevie Gerrard. He puts my bags away, makes me cups of tea and makes my bed in the morning, so he's the ideal one.

Who's the biggest moaner?


And who's the vainest player?

There'll be a few surprises in that, actually. Stevie spends a little bit too much time in front of the mirror for my liking, considering he's from Huyton. I'd probably say Stevie, he's just got to pull back on the reins on that type of thing.

Who's the worst dancer now Crouchie's gone?

He was the best dancer! We had our Christmas meal and Degen was up dancing and didn't do well. [Laughs] I'm surprised he never got injured! He was up dancing and it didn't go down too good.

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