13 January 2009

Alex Gerrard: Remember the Basics

Can’t decide what I think of this outfit. The leopard looks alright and the opaque tights are popular enough to work well with the short dress. Loving the Miu Miu bag, loving the gold bling ring with massive black stone.

But I take issue with the jacket and shoes. The jacket reminds me of a disastrous bag that Christian Louboutin designed last season. (Coleen wore it and, if I recall, it did not go over well with her followers.) Heels should not have laces. Maybe it’s just me, but they look absolutely ridiculous. Lastly, gold ring, gold chained bag, silver watch… huh? The basics Alex, go back to the basics.

pictures via Glamorous WAGs World

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Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

Coco Chanel is rolling in her grave. Wait! She is dead, right? Well, in the rare chance that she isn't...she would be. No, I'm pretty sure she is and she is besides herself with the amount of crap that Alex continues to wear. It's shameful, really.