15 January 2009

Robinho Who?

I received my weekly addition of popbitch this morning and was pleased to read a tid-bit about Robinho on a recent outing into Manchester:

Robinho might be getting unsettled at Man City but it's not turning him into your typical arsehole premiership footballer.

Robinho went out to Space nightclub in Leeds this week. The bouncers didn't recognise the 160-grand-a-week star and turned him away for wearing a tracksuit. Rather than throw his weight around with a "don't you know who I am?" Robinho went back to his hotel and got changed. He then went back to Space with his agent and a couple of other players. The manager cordoned off an area of the club for them. The group then ordered up a load of champagne, happily dishing it out to everyone around them in the club. Robinho left a 400 quid tip for his waiter, and promised to come back as he said he found it difficult to go out in Manchester. Staff said he was "very down to earth. Friendly but tiny."

What a cute little tale of woe. So glad it had a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

good for him. thats my kind of a footballer

Misty Stiletto said...

I'm surprised he is like that, but also it makes a great change for your usual diva baller.

He has just bumped up 2 places in my mind.