12 January 2009

Recovering and Seething

Sorry about the delay on the blogging. The tequila shots (because the scotch was just not cutting it yesterday) and Häagen-Dazs marathon I had last night post-match is not responding well with my system. (But I must admit that the tequila and ice cream combo will help you forget just about anything you may have witnessed in a 24 hour period. Alas the next morning you’ll remember most things AND have a hangover. Not so great.)

How do we allow a goal to go in like THIS!? What is that?! Seriously!?

May I also add that our defense during corner kicks is dismal. And that’s being kind. How is it that we let a goal go in and after the official makes them retake it, it goes in AGAIN!? There’s something seriously wrong with that. Seriously!

Frank, you were probably the best player for Chelsea this weekend, which isn’t saying much. And John, you better be applauding the fans, because to live through that kind of performance made me physically sick. Or perhaps that was just the tequila…

pictures via google images, dailymail, jamd, and kickette


Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

B, I feel your pain. My boys lost to Arsenal in the 84th minute and we have a tough couple of fixtures coming up. I've been trying to use "The Secret" in the hopes that positive thoughts in the universe will give my boys a win...I'll let you know if it works.

In the mean time, I've jumped straight to the Ben and Jerry's; left out the alcohol because I can't afford both luxuries. lol

Lissette said...

Chocolate help Blair get through this. PLEASE